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Become Your Clients’ Safety Hero and

Protect Their Bottom Line

GotSafety’s Partner Program, the ultimate solution for insurance agents seeking to enhance client engagement and ensure business safety compliance. With our comprehensive program, you can become your clients’ safety hero while safeguarding their bottom line. Discover how partnering with GotSafety can unlock new opportunities for your agency and provide unparalleled value to your clients.

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Why become a GotSafety Partner?

1: Stay Informed with the Watchdog Program

Proactive Notifications for Unparalleled Preparedness

With our powerful Watchdog Program, you gain a vital edge in protecting your clients’ businesses. We vigilantly monitor Cal/OSHA inspections and provide prompt notifications within a week of their initial visit to your clients’ establishments. Stay informed about potential citations and inspections, allowing you to take immediate action and offer proactive assistance. By being their first line of defense, you solidify your position as a valuable partner and ensure their ongoing success.

2: Early Intervention and Cost Savings

Be the Hero Who Saves Your Clients Thousands

When an OSHA visit occurs, time is of the essence. GotSafety’s early intervention can be a game-changer. Our dedicated defense team is poised to act swiftly, guiding your clients through the inspection process, and potentially saving them thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in fines. By registering all your clients for the Watchdog Program, you empower yourself to deliver exceptional support and make a tangible impact on their financial well-being.

3: Client Engagement and Differentiation

Reignite Relationships and Be the Trusted Safety Advisor

Imagine the positive impact of reaching out to your clients when you receive a Watchdog Program notification. By offering immediate assistance at no cost, you become their hero, strengthening client relationships and building loyalty. You position your agency as the go-to resource for safety and compliance, differentiating yourself from competitors and amplifying your value proposition. With GotSafety as your ally, you’ll become the trusted safety advisor that clients rely on for their success.

4: Comprehensive Safety Solutions

Unparalleled Support for Your Clients’ Safety Journey

As a GotSafety Partner, you unlock access to a comprehensive suite of safety solutions tailored to your clients’ needs. From thorough safety audits to customized safety programs, our expertise and resources empower your clients to achieve and maintain compliance. By leveraging our proven methodologies and industry best practices, you can confidently guide your clients toward a culture of safety, minimizing risks and fostering operational excellence.

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Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to revolutionize your agency’s growth and empower your clients with GotSafety’s Partner Program. Take the first step toward becoming the safety advocate your clients deserve and solidify your position as a leader in the insurance industry.

Ready to be a Partner in Safety?

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How to Join

Joining the GotSafety Partner Program is simple! Just follow these steps

1. Fill out the application form

Provide us with your contact information and a brief overview of your agency. We’ll review your application promptly.

2. Partner Program Onboarding

Once approved, our partnership team will guide you through the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition into the program.

3. Access the Partner Portal

Gain exclusive access to our Partner Portal, your hub for valuable resources, training materials, marketing collateral, and ongoing support. 

4. Start Empowering Your Clients

Armed with our comprehensive safety solutions, you can now offer enhanced services to your clients, positioning yourself as a safety advocate and trusted advisor.

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