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Are you looking to enhance your services, expand your client base, and provide unparalleled value to your customers? Look no further than the GotSafety Partner Program. Join our esteemed network of insurance professionals and gain access to a comprehensive suite of safety resources and expertise that will set you apart from the competition.

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Why Join the Partner Program?

1: Unlock New Opportunities

Elevate your insurance agency to new heights by becoming a partner with GotSafety. As a partner, you’ll gain exclusive benefits and resources designed to help you better serve your clients and grow your business. Together, we can build a safer future.

2: Comprehensive Safety Solutions

At GotSafety, we believe that safety is paramount. By partnering with us, you’ll have access to an array of safety solutions that will enable you to offer your clients the utmost protection. Our cobranded brochures, available in printed and PDF formats, showcase your pricing and services, reinforcing your brand and expertise.

3: Essential Safety Tools

Equip your clients with the essential tools they need to maintain a safe working environment. With our integrated web and mobile app system, they’ll have access to hundreds of safety lessons in both English and Spanish. From downloadable PDFs to mobile-friendly formats, we provide comprehensive resources that cover a wide range of industries and compliance needs.

4: Tailored Safety Training

Customization is key. GotSafety offers the unique advantage of creating custom safety lessons at your clients’ request, at no additional cost. Our team of experts can develop safety training programs for any scenario, ensuring that your clients receive the specific guidance they need. We also provide interactive PDF safety forms and printable safety awareness posters to reinforce their commitment to safety.

5: Cal OSHA Citation Defense

Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a safety net to your California clients. As a GotSafety partner, you’ll provide them with free Cal OSHA citation defense. We handle the entire appeals process, representing your clients until their case settles. With our excellent track record and expertise in OSHA defense, your clients can rest assured that they’re in capable hands.

6: Value-Added Services

Take your client service to the next level with our value-added services. Offer your California clients a one-time on-site safety evaluation and inspection at a special partner rate of only a hundred dollars. During this visit, our experts will thoroughly review their safety programs, training, and inspection processes. By identifying potential hazards and non-compliance issues, you can guide them toward a safer future.

7: Ongoing Support and Knowledge Sharing

We are committed to your success. GotSafety provides phone consultation during business hours, ensuring you have the support you need when you need it. Additionally, we conduct regular live safety webinars to keep you and your clients up to date with the latest OSHA trends and best practices. Stay ahead of the curve and provide expert guidance to your valued clientele.

8: Watchdog Program

Get real-time insights into OSHA visits and citations issued to businesses in your network. Through our Watchdog Program, we monitor the OSHA public information site daily. When you register your clients with GotSafety, we identify which businesses are your clients and promptly notify you. Seize this opportunity to proactively reach out to these businesses and offer assistance at no cost to your clients.

9: Upgraded Services

Ready to take safety to the next level? Explore our upgraded services that provide a wealth of additional benefits:

  • Full Access: Gain access to our comprehensive video lesson library, enable digital sign-offs, track employee training completion, and create custom lesson playlists.
  • Safety Program Documentation: Let us create all the state-required written safety manuals for your clients, tailored to their specific industry and location. We’ll keep these programs up to date as long as they remain your clients.
  • On-Site Services (California only): Provide your clients with bilingual instructor-led safety training and mock Cal/OSHA inspections, ensuring their compliance and readiness.

Ready to revolutionize your insurance agency and provide unrivaled safety services to your clients?

Apply now to become a partner with GotSafety. Together, we’ll build a safer, more secure future for businesses across the state. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your business and protect those you serve.

How to Join

Joining the GotSafety Partner Program is simple! Just follow these steps

1. Fill out the application form

Provide us with your contact information and a brief overview of your agency. We’ll review your application promptly.

2. Partner Program Onboarding

Once approved, our partnership team will guide you through the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition into the program.

3. Access the Partner Portal

Gain exclusive access to our Partner Portal, your hub for valuable resources, training materials, marketing collateral, and ongoing support. 

4. Start Empowering Your Clients

Armed with our comprehensive safety solutions, you can now offer enhanced services to your clients, positioning yourself as a safety advocate and trusted advisor.

Ready to be a Partner in Safety?

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Join the ranks of insurance professionals who have partnered with GotSafety and experienced unprecedented growth and client satisfaction. Apply today and become a trusted safety resource for your clients. Together, we’ll make safety a top priority.