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Gotsafety Desktop Admin – Managing Playlists And My Learning

1 – Add New Playlist

  • From the dashboard, click on Lesson Playlist.
  • This will allow you to create a playlist that will group topics together.
  • Select “add a new playlist” and name it.


2 – Add Topics to Playlist

  • Select the plus icon to the right and select the topics you wish your employees to complete and click save.
  • To edit a playlist, select the pencil to the right, from here you can uncheck lessons you no longer need and add any new lessons.
  • You will also be able to deactivate a playlist by selecting the pencil and changing it from active to inactive and clicking save. This will make it so your employees cannot see the playlist until you are ready.


The last part of the safety lessons tab is My Learning. In this section, you can have your own training and documents uploaded to the system. This is great for reviewing company handbooks and policies or other specialized training that are unique to your company. Employees can electronically sign these as well, giving you the ability to track and retain these records.

1 – My Learning Tab

  • To access my learning from the dashboard, click on safety lessons to the left.
  • Then, select my learning.
  • This will show you the content of my learning.
  • To add content to My-Learning, please contact the GotSafety team and submit any files you want uploaded here.