039 – California still issuing Citations for covid-19

Every week, OSHA Oops! Podcast hosts Michael and Rick review recent news stories about companies being fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for safety violations. This week’s episode is no different, as they discuss a California company recently fined by Cal/OSHA for not having a COVID-19 Prevention Plan available on the job site. Listen in to get the full story of what happened, along with insight into how employers can avoid similar issues down the road.

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What is a covid-19 prevention plan?

A COVID-19 prevention plan outlines workplace safety protocols during the pandemic. This document should be tailored to each individual workplace, as it outlines how employers can reduce risk within their own workspace. Protocols may include things such as requiring face coverings, maintaining social distancing, providing sanitization supplies, implementing temperature checks, and more. It is important that this plan is enforced across all areas of your business and that everyone who works at or visits the job site is aware of it. 

How can employers ensure compliance?

A good way to ensure that you remain compliant with OSHA regulations is by utilizing third party services such as GotSafety who will write and maintain all of your OSHA required documentation. This also comes with all of the safety training you could ever need along with OSHA defense in California if you are ever cited. (800) 734-3574 – Call us today!


In this week’s podcast episode of OSHA Oops!, Michael and Rick discuss a recent case involving a California construction company fined by Cal/OSHA for failing to provide its workers with an adequate COVID-19 Prevention Plan at the worksite. Listening in will give you essential information on how companies can avoid similar issues down the road—and keep both themselves and their employees safe while on the job. It’s essential knowledge every employer needs in today’s world! Tune in now!

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