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GotSafety Desktop Admin – Managing Sign-Off Records

You can view signed-off lessons and compile many different safety lesson reports from here.

1 – Viewing Sign-Off Records

  • From the dashboard, click on safety lessons to the left.
  • Select training records. This will show you all the lessons your employees have completed and signed-off.
  • Use the search boxes above each column to filter the safety lessons by employee name, topic of the lesson, date (date range), or additional information. You can use one or all of these columns at once.

2 – Exporting Lesson Records

  • If there are multiple pages that need to be exported change the record count from 10 to all, by clicking the drop down at the top.
  • To export the lesson records to pdf, click the pdf button at the top left of the list.
  • To export the lesson records into excel, click the excel button at the top left of the list.