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GotSafety Desktop Employee – Complete and Sign-Off on Safety Lessons

1 – Login To GotSafety

  • Go to www.GotSafety.Com
  • At the top right of the page, click on 2.0 login.
  • Hrom here, you will enter your employee login credentials.

Once Logged in, you will see your menu options:

  • Safety lessons
  • Forms
  • MyLearning
  • Documentation
  • Resources
  • Repository
  • Scheduled Training

2 – Click “Safety Lesson” Tab

  • Click on “safety lessons”.
  • Safety lessons will appear at the bottom.
  • Any playlists created from admin will show up above the lesson library. simply click on the title of the playlist, and it will expand to show you the lessons that are assigned to it.
  • The icons on the right-hand side of the lesson title will indicate if the lesson has a video or audio file.

3 – Click Blue Title

  • Click on the blue title and it will open the lesson in pdf format, allowing you to sign off electronically. you can also print or download a paper copy of the lesson if needed. if you click on the video icon, you can watch the video version of the lesson.
  • To see the Spanish options, change the language at the top of the screen, either at the main screen for safetly lessons or while you are inside of the lesson itself.
  • After reviewing the lesson material, select the sign-off bar at the bottom of the window, select your name and sign off on the lesson. a message will appear that says “sign-off completed successfully”. if you have additional employees that need sign-off, simply repeat the previous steps.