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GotSafety App Employee – Sign-Off in MyLearning

Download the GotSafety 2.0 app to your smartphone or other devices from the applicable app store.

1 – Login To GotSafety App

  • Log in using your company’s employee credentials.
  • Click “keep me logged in” before clicking “log in”

Once logged in, you will see all of the tabs available to you, such as:

  • Safety lessons
  • Forms
  • MyLearning
  • Documentation
  • Offline content
  • Repository
  • Training schedule
  • Scheduled Training

MyLearning will only appear if your company has sent us a document or video to upload into it. The items in this tab will be unique to your company. This is for special training or acknowledgments that need to be reviewed and signed but don’t necessarily fit in the parameters of a regular safety lesson. You have the ability to review, sign, and submit the document directly from the app.

2 – Click “MyLearning”

  • Click on “My Learning”.
  • Click on the blue title to open the document, if it has a video or audio select the video button or audio button at the top.
  • After reviewing the document, click “sign off”.
  • The steps are the same as signing off on the safety lessons.
  • Select your name in “select employee name” box and draw your signature in the signature box.
  • Then click “I agree”. you will see a message that says “sign-off completed successfully”.
  • If there are other employees that need to sign off as well, click yes and pass the device to the next person to sign off.
  • If not, click no and it will take you back to the written material. Then you may exit out of the app completely or do something else on the app.