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GotSafety App Employee – Access Company Documentation

Documentation will house all of your company’s state and local OSHA required programs such as your safety manual or your IIPP.

1 – Documentation

  • From the app “Dashboard”, select the “Documentation” tab. If your company has documentation through GotSafety, it will be listed here. These are your OSHA compliant programs.
  • Your documentation programs will be listed in alphabetical order.
  • You are also able to search for individual documentation using the “Search” bar.
  • Click on the “Eye” symbol to the right of the program you wish to view. The program will open up as a readable PDF document. You can scroll through and read it, or you download it to your “Offline Contents” area by clicking on the “Download” icon to the right.
  • If you have multiple locations, you can select what location you would like to view documentation for by selecting the location from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

If you would like to know how you can obtain documentation, please contact GotSafety client support at 800-734-3574.