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GotSafety Desktop Admin – How to Login

1 – Navigate to Login Page

2 – Credentials in Login Page

  • The login portal is going to say “gotsafety” 2.0 sign in from here, you will enter your admin login credentials.
  • When you first log in, you will be brought to the dashboard.

3 – Should See Menu Options

  • Dashboard windows
  • Safety Lessons
  • Form Management
  • EMP management
  • Inspection Report (if applicable)
  • Repository
  • Settings
  • QR codes (if applicable)
  • Certifications

4 – “At-a-Glance” Data

“The dashboard will give you account data and stats about your GotSafety system. This area won’t have information at first and will start to accumulate information as you use do trainings and use the system.  “At-A-Glance” data includes:

  • Settings: Settings let you know how many employees you have active and inactive.
  • Submitted forms: Here you can see how many submitted forms your company has and the date of the last form submitted. If you click on the department name to the left, it will open the form in a pdf.
  • New lessons Waiting to Be Approved: This are shows lessons waiting to be approved which is like a holding area for your lesson library. It gives you a list of new lessons that are not active yet. These lessons are waiting for you to approve or put in archived lessons. This is a way to limit the lessons your employees have access to, or if they do not pertain to your company. We will cover managing lessons later on.
  • Required Trainings or Custom Trainings: You will be able to track any scheduled training from the required training or custom training windows, and view your inspection reports (if we do your inspections).