047 – California’s New Non-Emergency Covid-19 Regulations

Have you been trying to stay up to date on California’s new non-emergency covid-19 prevention regulations? This week on the OSHA oops podcast, join us for our recorded webinar so you can feel informed and know what your business should be doing to abide by health and safety guidelines. We will be discussing regulation specifics as well as giving advice on how to comply and what resources are available to help you achieve this. Don’t miss out on hearing about the must-know tips for keeping a safe workplace during the pandemic season. Tune in now!

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What are the changes?

On February 6th, 2023, California made some changes to its non-emergency COVID-19 regulations. Join Michael and Rick as they discuss these changes. Some of the things they will be discussing are:

  • What has changed from the previous regulation?
  • How long this new regulation will be in place
  • What your company can do to stay in compliance

 You’re definitely going to want to listen to this week’s episode of OSHA Oops! 

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