035 –  Why you can’t afford to skip employee training | $12k fine

Michael and Rick are taking a deep dive into the mistakes made by one unfortunate company this week on the OSHA Oops! Podcast. After failing to properly train their employees, one employee sustained a serious injury and ended up getting slapped with a $12k OSHA fine. Tune in for tips from Michael and Rick about avoiding similar pitfalls, so you don’t have to pay the hefty penalty that this company did! What could have been done differently to prevent this costly mistake?

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What Could Have Been Done Differently

In order to prevent this costly mistake from happening, there are several steps that should have been taken. First of all, it is essential for businesses to ensure that their employees receive proper training on how to use any equipment they may need for their job. This includes both new and existing employees; even if someone has worked with a particular piece of equipment before, it is important for them to go through proper training in order to make sure they are using it safely. Additionally, employers should provide additional supervision and guidance whenever necessary.

In this company’s case, their employees were not trained on the agricultural equipment they were using. The employee reached inside the equipment while it was still running and suffered a serious injury. 

Safety Training on demand

We understand that coming up with the safety trainings, keeping track of the signatures, it can be extremely difficult for companies, like this one, to properly train their employees. GotSafety provides over 1300+ safety lessons at your finger tips wherever you are on any smart device. We can even track and store your employees’ training sign-offs. 

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No one wants to get hit with an OSHA fine; however, sometimes accidents happen despite our best efforts. On this week’s episode of the OSHA Oops! Podcast, Michael and Rick delve into one such accident that ended up costing a company $12k in fines. Learn how you can avoid similar situations by tuning in—you’ll get invaluable advice from experienced professionals on how you can keep your business safe and compliant with all applicable safety regulations moving forward. Don’t miss out!

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