034 – Avoid $21k Citation | Implementing Safety Manuals

In the wake of a recent safety violation that resulted in a hefty fine, Michael and Rick are discussing what went wrong. By breaking down this real-life example, they will provide invaluable insight into how any business can prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. If you’re a business owner or manager, you won’t want to miss this eye-opening conversation!

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What is an IIPP or Safety Manual?

The company in question was fined over $21k for failing to properly implement its IIPP or safety manual. The purpose of an IIPP is to provide a comprehensive program that outlines all the potential hazards associated with the workplace and how to prevent them. It’s required by law for employers to create and implement an effective IIPP. This includes providing employees with appropriate training on how to stay safe on the job.

In addition, safety manuals must be updated regularly as new regulations come into effect or as industry standards change. Companies must also make sure that their workers are aware of any changes so that they can remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

In this case, the company did not do the required periodic inspections, take effective measures for correcting unsafe conditions, and did not provide effective training to their supervisors – all of which are required in their IIPP or Safety Manual. 

Avoiding this citation

It’s important for businesses of all sizes to have an effective IIPP in place and ensure that their safety manuals are kept up-to-date. This includes regularly checking for any new laws and regulations that may be applicable to your organization so that you can remain compliant with them. Additionally, businesses should provide their employees with proper training on how to stay safe at work.

How GotSafety Can Help

One of our services is to create your IIPP or Safety Manual and keep it up to date for the life of your account with us. We also have an app so that you can access these documents whether you’re on the jobsite or at the central office. 

We also have all of the safety trainings you could possibly imagine and if we don’t have one that you’re looking for, we’ll make it free of charge!

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