022: Forklift Training vs. Fines | Which is more cost effective?

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OSHA Requires Forklift Certification

Every employee who operates a forklift is required to have a forklift certification. This certification must be provided by the employer and kept up to date. Employers are required to keep copies of all certification records on file. Forklift certification is a critical part of ensuring workplace safety. By ensuring that only certified operators are allowed to use forklifts, employers can help to prevent accidents, injuries, and fines such as this one. 

As for the company we’re speaking about today, their employees were not certified to be driving the forklift and they were subsequently fined more than $7800.


Forklift Safety and Forklift Certification

Forklifts are powerful machines that can pose serious risks if not operated properly. In order to ensure the safety of both workers and equipment, many employers require their forklift operators to be certified. Forklift certification typically involves completing a training course and passing a written exam. The training covers topics such as forklift safety, proper loading techniques, and emergency procedures. Once certified, operators must maintain their skills by regularly practicing and staying up to date on new safety guidelines. By investing in forklift certification, employers can help reduce the risk of accidents and create a safer work environment for everyone.

Forklift Safety Tips:

A forklift is a powerful tool when used by a well-trained operator. It helps to move materials and can reduce the risk of back injury by eliminating the need to lift and carry items by hand.

  • Perform inspections before each use
  • Drive slowly with your eyes on the road, watching for pedestrians, obstacles, and road surfaces 
  • Take turns slow and wide, sound the horn at intersections; stop if necessary.
  • Take precautions when refueling or handling batteries.
  • Do not overload a forklift
  • Do not use a damaged or unsafe forklift. 

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