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OSHA fines for inadequate Machine Guarding

According to OSHA, machine guarding is one of the most frequently cited hazards in the workplace. OSHA standards require that all dangerous machine parts be properly guarded to protect workers from serious injuries. However, many employers fail to provide adequate machine guarding, exposing workers to unnecessary risks. As a result, OSHA regularly issues fines for machine guarding violations. In some cases, the agency may also issue a “serious citation” if it believes that the hazard could result in death or serious injury. 

Unfortunately, the company in this case was fined $6750 because they failed to properly guard the point of operation on an drill press. 



What is machine guarding and why is it important?

Machine guarding is a critical safety measure that helps to protect workers from injuries. It involves placing barriers around machine parts that are in motion, or that otherwise pose a hazard. One important type of machine guarding is known as a point of operation guard. This is a barrier that is placed around the area where work is actually being done on the machine. Point of operation guards help to prevent workers from coming into contact with moving parts, or with other hazards such as flying debris.

Safeguard Requirements:

  • Prevent contact between any part of the body and dangerous moving parts.
  • Be adequately secured against movement.
  • Protect falling objects from falling into moving parts
  • Not interfere with the intended purpose of the machine
  • Not create any new hazards, such as sharp edges or other dangers

Hazardous Moving Parts:

  • If the machine has parts that perform any of the following actions, it is required to have guards around those parts to prevent crush, laceration, abrasion, amputation, or burn injuries.
  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Shearing
  • Bending

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