018: Unmarked Eyewash Stations Can be costly

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The Citation

This week on the OSHA Oops! Podcast, Michael and Rick are discussing a company cited for almost $10k for failure to mark their Emergency Show and Eyewash Stations properly. 

“The company did not identify with highly visible sign each eyewash and shower location, and pain with a bright color to area around or behind an emergency eyewash and shower location.”

Was this citation pretty brutal? Yeah. We believe it was. But, with that being said – if they had simply identified their emergency eyewash and shower locations, they could have avoided a huge citation. 

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Emergency EyeWash Stations

The first 10 seconds of getting something in your eye are the most critical, so it is important to have an eyewash station close enough you can get to it in that time period.  Be sure to inspect and know how to use the eye station, so if an emergency occurs you can prevent serious eye damage.

Be Prepared

  • Know where the eyewash station is located
    • Eyewash stations should be accessible within 10 seconds of injury
  • Know how to use the eyewash station
    • It will be too late to learn when there is an actual emergency and you need to wash out your eyes
    • Keep the path to the eyewash station
    • This includes making sure there are no locked or latched doors between you and the eyewash station
  • Never use the eyewash station for non-emergency purposes.

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