016: Avoid this $18k Lock Out Tag Out Citation

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The Citation

This week on OSHA Oops, Michael and Rick are discussing a company that was fined $18k for their lack of Lockout/Tagout Procedures and this resulted in an injury.

Preventing the release of stored energy is even more essential during cleaning and upkeep of machinery. This can be accomplished by turning the power off, blocking hazardous areas where injury could occur, and locking out the power source to prevent an accidental startup by another employee. The machine should also be tagged out, so other employees know who locked out the machine and the procedures being done.



Lockout/tagout is when a machine or piece of equipment is powered off and isolated before maintenance and repairs are performed. As the name suggests, an authorized employee will place a lock with a tag on the isolation device of a machine or piece of equipment and will only remove it after maintenance or repairs are completed.

Why is Lockout/Tagout Important?

Lockout/tagout is important because it protects authorized and other employees from sustaining injuries or worse while performing maintenance or repairs on a machine or piece of equipment. If lockout/tagout procedures are not performed, employees could sustain life-altering injuries or die. 

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