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The Citation

In this episode, we are discussing a company that was fined because their employee WAS wearing a glove while operating machinery. The employee’s glove got caught in the machine they were working on and resulted in an injury. 


PPE Hazards

Gloves can create a greater hazard for employees who use machinery with spinning or rotating parts. Gloves can become an item of “loose clothing” that can be caught and pulled into machinery, trapping the worker, and causing a far more serious injury than a splinter or scrape.

Protective gloves can also become a hazard for employees that are exposed to chemical hazards. Although a chemical-resistant glove can help to protect workers against contaminants, workers should be careful not to wear ordinary work gloves in the presence of chemical hazards. The gloves can trap contaminants against workers’ skin.

    Train your employees to protect them from bad information available on the internet. Workers may believe that latex or nitrile gloves are safer than leather or cotton work gloves because they will tear free if caught. Make sure they know this is not true; these kinds of gloves can also lead to dangerous entanglements, accidents, and sometimes amputations.

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