012: Attention Staffing Agencies – Don’t Make This Mistake!

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The Citation

In this episode, we are discussing a staffing agency that was cited $22k because their employees were not properly trained before being sent to the host worksite. 

OSHA does require some training be done before the employee even steps foot into the host worksite. 

 This company could have avoided this citation if they had our GotSafety services. Not only can we create an orientation playlist with all required training – but said training would be trackable with employee signatures as well. 


Shared Responsibility and Training

Many staffing companies may not realize that they have a shared responsibility with the clients they work with to provide OSHA required safety training to their employees. While these agencies do not have to become experts on all workplace hazards, they do have to periodically inspect their client’s jobsites. 

GotSafety can streamline your staffing agency’s safety training and orientation program to ensure your are OSHA compliant and your employees are better prepared for their jobs before they go to the jobsite


  • Our vast lesson library contains more than 1,300 bilingual safety lessons in PDF and video format that are accessible on our app, or from our website on your personal computer. Our learning management system also comes with digital sign-off tracking, so you can easily track and store training records for each employee.

  • We can also customize inspection forms for any industry that can either be printed, downloaded to any smart device, or filled our using the app and then stored online for easy access

With GotSafety on your side, you can avoid citations such as this one. Give us a call at 800-734-3574 and we can give you a demo of our services and how we can help!