002: Don’t drop $22k on a LockOut TagOut Violation

In this podcast, safety specialist Michael is discussing a company that was fined over $22k for improper Lockout Tagout Procedures and how to avoid it.


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The $22k Citation

In this case, the company was fined for improper lock out tag out procedures. 

Because the machine was not properly locked out, an employee lost a finger while making adjustments to the machine. 

With the proper procedures and trainings in place, this employee would still have a finger, the company would not have been fined the $22k. 

GotSafety can help your company navigate these expensive waters with our abundance of safety trainings as well as our OSHA defense team.



The Importance of Lockout Tagout

The number 1 way to avoid expensive fines and employee injuries is to have the proper safety training and procedures in place. Lockout Tagout is in the top 10 OSHA violations every year. It is inevitable that machines and electrical equipment will need maintenance and repairs.  With the proper procedures and the correct tags for each machine, these violations can be avoided.

Definitions of Lockout and Tagout:

Lockout – Machinery or equipment that has been secured by disengaging the power source, and blocking or locking the movable parts to prevent injury from inadvertent or unexpected movement. The machinery cannot be restarted until the lockout device is removed.

Tagout – A tag is placed on the controls of the power source of the machinery or equipment that indicates that it cannot be restarted or operated while the machine or equipment is being serviced or repaired.

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