001: How to avoid an $18k Step Ladder Citation

In this podcast, Michael is discussing how a company was fined $18k for improper use of a step ladder.


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The $18k citation

This company was cited for an employee that fell and was seriously injured when he was standing on the topcap of a step ladder. 

The Code states:
“Employees shall not sit, kneel, step or stand on the pail shelf, topcap or the step below the topcap of a step ladder. 

With proper training, this citation could have been avoided entirely.



Safety Training

An essential way to avoid a citation is to ensure your employees are recieving the proper safety trainings and signing off as well. GotSafety is here for you – with our services you have access to Ladder Safety among many others.

Common Causes of Accidents on Ladders:

  • Improper Selection
  • Improper Use
  • The use of a ladder in poor condition
  • Incorrect Placement of a ladder
  • Haste, sudden movement
  • Lack of attention
  • Improper footwear 
  • User’s physical condition

Employees who exercise safe ladder use and safe work practices minimize their risk from falling, which can lead to serious injury and even death. 


With GotSafety on your side, you can avoid citations such as this one. Give us a call at 800-734-3574 and we can give you a demo of our services and how we can help!